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Jessenia Nozzolillo is a 5th generation gifted soul but the first to actively use her gifts to assist others publicly. Since discovering and developing her gifts, she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.

In the first year of her business, she has developed a Spiritual Development class, began a Compassion Congregation Spirit Circle, created her own Akashic Record Healing System and written ‘Spiritual Development with the New England Psychic Medium’. 

Jessenia is a soul level Akashic guide. She uses her soul level job as a way to assist and inform the population of the soul’s birth, journey, and purpose. This is what some would call an “Akashic Realm Channeler”. With these gifts, she has created a “Soul Reintegration Process”.

This process is an understanding that we lose contact with our soul when entering Earth’s thick atmosphere. We regain this connection through soul-work, healing, understanding, and knowledge. The information channeled for this process birthed the book she wrote, 'Spiritual Development With the New England Psychic Medium'. Through this soul reintegration process, she has trained gifted people to open and use their gifts appropriately while also healing them from any obstructing past lives and trauma to this life, a process she calls soul reconstruction and healing. 

"This is one of those beautiful things I’ve learned in soul level connections, perhaps even the most beautiful thing I’ve learned.


So many times we look at the suffering here on Earth and we feel pity for them. We judge them. As a soul level healer I know see that ONLY the strongest souls take on these immense challenges. So understand, when you see someone suffering or you are looking down at someone... the reason they can handle this kind of life is because they are powerful and highly evolved at soul level.


Something I myself have had to understand and embrace.


Sometimes you’re given a mountain, to show others it can be moved.


I see you, I see your challenges, and I honor the person you have strength to be, in the physical and soul level." NEPM

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