Your Personal Space For Continued Healing

Please use this as your own personal healing space. Here I will add my favorite mantras, guided meditations, links and videos for continued healing and growth. Note that some of the images are copywrite protected and cannot be shared or used without crediting the creator.

For everyone in all aspects of spiritual development I recommended meditating daily. Walking meditation is the act of moving while meditating. Yoga, hiking, walking are perfect additions to the stationary guided meditations listed below and it’s a great addition to your daily meditation practice if you are someone who has a hard time meditating. Also note that meditation is not about staying perfectly quiet and still. It is about giving the conscious mind a job so that your subconscious mind can get to work healing and repairing.

“This is a guided meditating I created to flush the chakras. I hope you  enjoy it."

New England Psychic Medium

Healing Mantras: A healing mantra is a system or word code to help expedite healing by retraining the brain to accept new patters and programs into the physical body and physical reality. These mantras work best when you say AND BELIEVE that transformation, change and growth IS obtainable. I would add healing mantras into your daily routine, meditation or healing process for the best results. In guided meditation and clearing the chakras I ALWAYS recommend starting at the root. A block to the root chakra can create a block to all other chakras.

Releasing Past Lives


If you are having a hard time releasing and digesting a past life that came up in our reports, focus on the chakra in which the life made itself present. For example, if the life was listed in your report under root chakra, focus on the root chakra mantra and guided meditation. Step one to releasing past life trauma is recognition. Knowing where the trauma began and why - is valuable in understanding and accepting the lesson that came forward with that past life. Use the mantras above to process the information that came forward in our reading.

Add to your healing process by using crystals that complement the chakras you are working on. Here are some examples on the guide below.


Yoga for the Chakras

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